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DAC Featherlite camping tent poles have a system involving three minor metal sleeves to grant the rods added bend and muscle. The organization claims using the specific joint associates makes your poles lighter and provide them the other flex. Protectors, strengtheners along with stoppers fit the DAC Featherlite rods. These posts are contained in many outdoor tents makers' products. DAC posts are whether strung utilizing shock cables or can be blank a fishing rod. Repair on the poles will take fitting all of them with brand new cord and replacing a broken aluminum sleeve or simply sleeves.


Shock Cord


    Pull 2 DAC Featherlite rods beyond each other to search for the great shock cord dissect or arena. Cut your cord within the fray, making certain to holder the comes to an end so they just don't retract perfectly into a rod clean.


    Place a new lighter's flame beneath cut ends in the shock string to burn the ends saving further frays. Cut some of spare astonish cord to the capacity of the fishing rod blank. Pull a single end from the shock cord away from one of many connecting stick pieces --the non-repair rod-- together with tie your repair cord to your end with the rod string. Use any square knot plus clean all the knot --tighten it-- then it fits on the rod clear. Pull the alternative end fly fishing line cord as well as tie with the pole wire and clear the knot. In this way, tie a replacement wire onto the current rod cord to earn a single follicle.


    Push this DAC Featherlite stick pieces once again together.

Metal Component Replacement


    Pull all the rod blank faraway from the essential pole in addition to inspect the actual edge in the openings to obtain cracks or perhaps dents inside the protector, strengthener, stopper or even the rods blank once more. Grip safeguard the delicate end of your stopper -- the very last metal sleeve for the pole close -- using the needle nostrils pliers together with pull that three bits out individually.


    Wipe each individual piece downward. If zero cracks or trouble for the steel sleeves exists, dab graphite lube onto a edges of your sleeves as well as place them into the pole blank, leaving typically the lubricant within the sleeves.


    Replace every cracked and also bent pieces while using the appropriate replacing part; possess a replacement strengthener that the rod reject end is known for a small crack and push that protector together with stopper to perform to repair. Add not many the graphite-based lubrication to every different piece plus push inside the rod bare. If the full rod reject needs succeeded, untie all the shock power cord and yank the scratching post apart, removing this broken reject and pushing a better blank in its situation. Reassemble that pole.

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