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How so that you can Winterize a Domestic hot water Tank in a very Travel Trailer

If you don't winterize your current travel movie trailer, your pipe joints could sprang leaks, your hot water heater could end up being damaged with your water fish tank could shot, costing a small fortune to revive or take the place of. Filling ones water ranges and drains having an RV antifreeze plus draining and also flushing your hot water heater, water storage containers tank, gray h2o tank and even black fluids tank will certainly prevent damage above the winter several months. Draining your hot water heater is easy if your primary water heater includes a petcock control device. If it will not have one, you have to replace your plastic empty plug using a petcock valve to help make it quicker to drain materials.



    Open your vent cover over the driver's side in the travel trailer the spot that the water heater is found. Open that petcock valve over the bottom for the water heat tank. If a person's trailer does not need a petcock device, use a good wrench so that you can unscrew a plastic depletion plug from your water unit. Open all the relief valve ahead of the heater to allow for air to type in the tank because water drains available. Leave the actual petcock control device or pressure plug off with the winter. Close the actual vent cover on the lateral side of typically the travel truck.


    Go included in the travel movie trailer and close the heater circumvent valve close to the back from the water warming. The sidestep valves would be open if the handles are actually parallel while using pipes. Turn the actual handles within the valves in order that the handles tend to be perpendicular in the pipes towards close the actual valve for the water heater tank. Now, you are able to the CARAVAN antifreeze in the water lines and not have to use 6 gallons about antifreeze in order to fill this type of water heater.


    Flush the river lines to eliminate the CARAVAN antifreeze while in the spring. Change the select, using teflon tape in the threads for you to seal a plug, or maybe close the particular petcock device. Open typically the bypass ranges to fill this type of water heater by means of water previously turning the energy onto water heater.

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