Monday, March 20, 2017

The Streamlight Stinger happens to be an aluminum-body torch that is made for use by howowners, law enforcement and also military. Having a Xenon-filled bulb able to producing 11, 000 candle light power, or even about 90 lumens, the Stinger is suited intended for self-defense as a result of temporarily disorienting someone while using light column. Upgrading that Stinger may be accomplished to some Cree Q4 LED that may be capable involving producing 220 lumens, and reducing the force consumption upon batteries.



    Hold the entire body of this Streamlight Stinger torch with 1 hand along with the head lens while using other.


    Turn your head lens resist clockwise in order to loosen. Completely unscrew your head lens and also remove belonging to the Stinger torch body.


    Unpack your head lens improve with Q4 CONTRIBUTED carefully.


    Apply a fabulous thin dress of oil jelly with the threads around the Stinger torch body. Align the fresh head lens considering the threads at the Stinger torch body and also screw your head lens up grade on.


    Finger-tighten the latest head the len's with Q4 CONTRIBUTED, so typically the "O" rings while in the head website seat thoroughly and come up with a water-proof close.

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