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The tuna knot is usually an improved fisherman's knot. It's powerful and retains the majority a line's positioned breaking sturdiness. This is really because the knot is contains double strands in line. The knot permits no the loss of1 strength within a lightweight set.



    Double 18 in of alpha dog. Hold any loop along with your thumb in addition to forefinger. Pass 1 / 2 the loop with the eye within the hook. Keep the standing along with tag ends of this leader with the palm of one's hand with the help of another handy.


    Hold your hook with each of your other hands; twist it 3 times. Check that line is normally twisting right up and from the the lift. Turn a hook two to three more instances, twisting that line lower and to the connect. Maintain a hang on the loop with your other fretting hand.


    Pass the main loop over the smaller-sized loop in the eye with the hook. Lubricate typically the line utilizing saliva or maybe water. This will assist the knot tumble and resolve. Use you hand to cling the standing up and draw ends of this leader. Pull at the hook using your other hands.


    Pull with your hands to firm the knot entirely. Trim the particular ends close knot choosing nippers.

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