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Installation Instructions for your Coleman Lantern Interest Ignitor

Coleman manufactures many lanterns manufactured for outdoor take advantage of. While a large number of lanterns feature enclosed, automated ignition techniques, some Coleman lanterns however require suit lighting. Match light requires the installation of open fire, so any time match lighting will not be desired, many aftermarket interest ignitors may well be installed during the lanterns' active match gaps. Using appropriate parts, hardware and approach, you can put in a spark ignitor inside a Coleman lantern.



    Loosen that set screw in the spark ignitor by adjustable wrench.


    Remove this knob with the spark ignitor and additionally loosen typically the nuts with a adjustable wrench.


    Remove your bracket out of your spark ignitor.


    Insert the camp of typically the spark ignitor by way of a match hole within the Coleman lantern to ensure the base is protruding through the particular match gap. Install your spark ignitor inside match problem farthest removed from the lantern's relationship adjustment button.


    Attach this bracket along with knob into the spark ignitor on the outside of of typically the match target and make tighter them ready with a powerful adjustable wrench.

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