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Dehydrated plus freeze dried up foods may be found with backcountry traveler's back packs. The benefit from dehydrated as well as freeze dry foods is the moisture have been removed so they really are lighter weight and much better to transport. Smooth against a longer expected life. If you might be an enthusiastic backcountry tourist, instead of purchasing dehydrated some fruits in largest part, save income by buying berries and dehydrating as well as freeze drying out them for the purpose of camping outings.




    Wash off of the fruits extensively. For more substantial fruit such as apples or perhaps pears, piece into minor, thin bits. As an over-all rule, keep that slices to no greater than 1/2 millimeter thick.


    Sprinkle an adequate amount of treatment essence to gently coat that fruit so that you can prevent them from lightly browning.


    Set all the temperature in your dehydrator so that you can 140 deg.


    Lay outside the geared up fruits around the dehydrator trays. Do possibly not stack a couple of layer in fruit regarding each plate.


    Place the actual trays into your dehydrator as well as "sweat" all the fruit for you to two several hours. Sweating will be the process in heating the not in the fruit rapidly, bringing the medial moisture to fruit's exterior. Do not make sure you remove the actual fruit to check it following on from the two a long time; just depart it in your dehydrator and ignore the warm after only two hours.


    Turn typically the temperature of this dehydrator to 115 degrees fahrenheit and dehydrate extraordinary hours. Check spine every 3 hours to be sure of the hardness belonging to the drying berries. When typically the fruit will be leathery plus shriveled it is getting ready to cool.


    Remove a trays and allow fruit nice. Pack all the dried benefits into plastic-type material baggies and mix him or her into path mixes.

Freeze Drying


    Place this berries and / or sliced crops pieces inside the strainer together with wash these off entirely. Do never wash blueberries and also blueberry loved ones like huckleberries and Saskatoon fruits. Add such berries on the washed fruit following the others are usually washed plus strained.


    Slice profits like celery, apricots along with bananas right into small pieces and potato chips, no much more than 1/2 centimeter thick.


    Take your roasting skillet (use throw-aways pans available at grocery stores) and also make several holes in to the sides the program looks as an improvised strainer.


    Let your fruit dry out off after which you can layer them in to a roasting griddle. Place just about one part of crops into every, making convinced the fruits pieces will not touch a single another. Place berries in any separate griddle and useful layer to somewhat of a single film of cherries per hot.


    Put the actual pans into your freezer, keep them during the coldest area of the freezer. Leave them inside the freezer for at a minimum six-eight weeks. They super fruit dries from the chilly semi-arid environment during the freezers.

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